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I'm sorry about your mom!

sorry the post may have been a little misleading… a while back she had cancer and her chances of surviving were very low, she ended up surviving though and she is currently cancer free! but back when she had cancer and she was told she might die she wrote me a letter and i just found that letter!

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I told my best guy friend of 9 years last night about my self harm(I'm clean for 5 months) and he flipped out he screamed at me how it was really stupid and I was stupid for doing it. I know it's stupid and bad to do but yeah I'm really upset now

First of all congratulations for being self harm free for 5 months. Sometimes when we tell people that we’ve self harmed they yell at us not because they are angry at us, but because they are scared and upset that we are hurting ourselves and do not fully understand why we are doing it. I can’t get inside your friends head so I can’t tell you exactly what he was feeling or what his motives were for yelling at you. But if he is a real friend he will stick by you, it may take some time for him to come to terms with what you have told him. But I really hope everything works out. Everything that happens is meant to be, stay strong love